About us

With the largest Coralfarm and Fish nursery in Europe, De Jong Marinelife is the sustainable choice for Public aquaria and Aquatic stores.

Our new Coralfarm holds over 50.000 homegrown DJM corals and our new Fish Nursery aims to breed over 20.000 fish a month, to provide the public aquaria and aquarium hobby in Europe with a sustainable choice.

Our facility is run by a staff of over 80 people, consisting of marine biologists, specialists and aquarium enthusiasts who do what they love. Every day they work hard to take care of all the animals and to ensure they are in the best condition.

Sustainability and quality are the main focus at De Jong Marinelife. This can be seen in large and small efforts made in our company. From our own Coralfarm and Fish nursery, to solar energy and heat exchange pumps, but also switching to bio-based plastic for packaging and the reduction of single-use plastic are all improvements made for the future.

For this, our clients: public aquaria, aquatic stores and universities can rely on the highest quality and most sustainable choice.